‘They should be alive:’ Families, advocates honor Washingtonians killed by police

The family and friends of Jesse Sarey say they are anxiously awaiting an outcome in the case against Auburn police officer Jeffrey Nelson, who is charged with second degree murder and first degree assault in the killing of Sarey in 2019.

In the meantime, Sarey’s loved ones are advocating for systemic changes to policing and keeping memories of Sarey — and other Washingtonians killed by law enforcement — alive.

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‘False sense of security.’ Why some doctors won’t order coronavirus antibody tests for patients


The Trump administration and other leaders around the world have proposed Covid-19 antibody tests, which can detect past infections, as a stopgap solution to reopening society until a vaccine is developed.

But even as labs are conducting antibody tests, some patients have found themselves unable to obtain a physician’s referral. We asked doctors to unpack that reluctance.

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Yes, Covid-19 antibody tests are really available in Seattle. But patients have been told otherwise

The University of Washington’s Virology Lab this week began processing thousands of Covid-19 antibody tests, which can detect whether a person has previously been infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus.

But as testing has gotten underway, some patients have been erroneously told by health care providers that the tests aren’t available.

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